Value-Added Services

Rising customer demands, ageing infrastructure, global competition, and the increase in innovative and new technology has created endless possibilities for suppliers and contractors around the world to improve their business position and gain competitive advantage.

Natto Auto & Engineering Sdn Bhd has accumulated an impressive portfolio over the years through our efforts in providing unparalleled consulting service, expert solution, and exceptional customer service to our customers. 

Our dedicated technical specialists and outstanding customer service representatives bring their comprehensive experience and well-versed product knowledge expertise to further help our customers with our value-added services.

For over a decade, we have been supporting projects around the country like yours by delivering complete end-to-end vehicles automation electrical parts solutions.

After Sales Services

We don’t just stop helping or serving you after you’ve made your purchases or business with us, we go above and beyond.

You can reach out to us anytime you want if you require support from us regarding warranty services, training, repair, or upgrades.

Installation Services

Every vehicle automation parts that we supply will be installed by our expert technicians who ensure each part are placed properly and securely. 

Some of the vehicle automation parts that we install are GPS tracker, MDVR, CCTV, air conditioners, and vehicle accessories.

Repair and Maintenance Services

Every part or accessories that are purchased from us can be repaired and will undergo maintenance services from time to time.

This ensures the products you are using will be in good condition and work to its full potential and mitigate any risks that can occur from faulty parts or accessories.