Established in 2010, Natto Auto Engineering Sdn Bhd specializes in automation electrical parts for bus, truck, and special vehicles. We specialize in various fields of the automation system, particularly for bus and type of vehicle’s accessories. 

Automation Electrical Parts Specialist For Bus, Truck, and Special Vehicles

Since our inception, we have aimed to be a one-stop solution for electronic, electrical accessories, devices, and exceptional service providers for different types of vehicles ranging from buses to trains to even sea transportation. 

Through development over the past 10 years, we are now able to supply comprehensive solutions for heavy vehicles such as LED lighting, CCTV & MDVR, electronic and electrical on-board accessories devices, public announcement system and solution in Malaysia. 

We are currently the authorized distributor for Hella, Sony, Sony Aquos, Arcol, Britax, Comotech Industries, Global Auto Enterprise, Groupstar, TKT Hvac Solution, Streamax, Top Leader, Toshiba in Malaysia.

Experts In Vehicles Automation Electrical Parts Service and Solutions

With our dedicated team of skilled personnel, Natto Auto & Engineering Sdn Bhd has worked with a multitude of clients ranging from government bodies to notable companies for our expertise in providing vehicles automation electrical parts technical ability and service and solution. 

Over the years, we developed our innovative and customized in-house brand, Natto ABS products that meet various specifications and requirements such as customer’s demand and the strive to innovate. 

We have also developed in supplying and repairing alternator and have been using the latest technologies in DC voltage for automotive air conditioning. 

With our team of personnel who are dedicated, skilled, experienced, and well-versed in our product knowledge, we work towards every day with the commitment to provide only the best in service and solution for vehicles automation electrical parts. 


As A Leading Vehicles Automation Electrical Parts Supplier
In order to make our products and services unique, we continue to move forward to expand and develop our new products and services to maintain the highest satisfaction and trust of our customers.


As A Leading Vehicles Automation Electrical Parts Supplier
Established a longer and closer working relationships with our clients and supplier not only provide immediate and reliable service but to continually exceed expectations and goals.

Provide ultimate solutions in automotive on-board electronic/ electrical products and accessories in public transport and domestic industries.

Inspiring a wide range of high-quality automotive products (Natto ABS) and services towards the highest satisfaction for every customer we work with.

We Are An Authorized Dealer For These Notable Brands


Warranty services from our provide warranty protection with extended warranties and technical support.